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Last Updated: 16 Oct 99


I grew up in Kennebunk ME. I lived about two miles from the beach, and I used to ride my bike there to a day camp where I learned to sail, play tennis and other such things that eight year olds learn.

Kennebunk is where I developed my love of the ocean. Although I haven't lived there since 1989, it will always be my home. I graduated from Kennebunk High School in 1987.


I went to Tufts University from September 1987 to May 1994. In that time, I earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees. My Bachelor's was in Philosophy and Economics. My Master's was in Computer Science. As an undergraduate, I was in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, and I became a brother of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

I earned my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force in May 1995. The Air Force granted me two years off to obtain my Master's Degree before commencing active duty. As a graduate student, I helped teach Introduction to Computer Science (COMP 11). I focused my studies on software engineering.

The Air Force

I entered active duty as an officer in the Air Force on 8 Jun 1994. After five months of technical training in Biloxi Mississippi, I was sent to the headquarters of the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, in Arlington Virginia. There I obtained significant experience with computer networking. I built a branch to monitor the performance of the Pentagon Internet. I was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain, and placed in charge of all Pentagon Internet operations. I seperated from Active Duty on 23 Apr 99, and transferred to the active reserves.

Post Air Force

After the Air Force, I was offered three jobs; Backbone Engineer for the Cable & Wireless Internet, Director of Architecture & Planning for National Geographic Society, and Connecticut Regional Manager for RPM Inc., an internetworking consulting firm.

It was a very difficult choice, as all were truly excellent opportunities. I accepted the Connecticut Regional Manager job because it is most directly supportive of my goal to someday start my own business. And so, in May, I moved to Mystic, CT.

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